Create The Coziest Fireplace This Winter

Girl resting and warming her feet by a burning fireplace in a country house on a winter evening.

Winters in Riverhead, NY, can be downright nasty. By the time December comes around, snow and low temperatures are normal. These conditions can force you inside and make you want to avoid going outdoors as much as possible. There are some effective ways to stay warm inside. One common method is to sit close to the fireplace. If you have one, make sure you put it to good use this season. It can keep you warm but also add to your home’s cheerful, inviting ambiance.

Put up Your Family Photos Around It

The room where you have your fireplace is almost certainly a common gathering place. Thus, it’s the perfect focal point of this particular room. Therefore, why not use the space to display your family photos? Put up a few on a mantel above the fireplace. As you sit here to get cozy, looking at your favorite photos will add to the enjoyment.

A Spot for Books

If you are looking for a sensible way to frame your fireplace, think of bookshelves. Put some shelving around and above the fireplace and line them with your collection of books. Moreover, don’t be afraid to place other items on the shelves, such as décor or other fun elements. Potted plants are a good idea, for instance.

Place Seasonal Decorations Here

A fireplace is most useful in the winter, but you can also make it functional throughout the year. However, in the wintertime, focus on placing décor appropriate for the season. You can get creative and place your items on the mantel or around the fireplace.

Light Some Pinecones

Pinecones make great winter decorations. Not only do they create a festive environment, but they can also smell good. Place some pinecones on the mantel of the fireplace. Furthermore, put them on fire starters with the scent of your choice. You’ll love the results. This will make sitting by the fire even more relaxing and enlivening.

Candles in the Fireplace

Naturally, most people think of fireplaces as having a couple of logs you can light. Any candles will be around or on top of the fireplace. However, a fun variation is to place a collection of candles inside the fireplace. Use a variety of sizes and styles as well as different scents of candles. The results will be eye-catching to everyone who comes into the room.

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Place an Ottoman in Front

Lastly, create a cozy spot right in front of the fireplace. For example, putting an Ottoman near the fireplace and setting a blanket on top is an inviting spot to take it easy and warm up.

This winter, you can get warm and improve the look of your home. Try out these ideas this season.

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