Four Alternatives To The Basic Sandwich Lunch

Spring roll filled with veggies and shrimp

Are you and your kids tired of the same old things for lunch? Sandwiches are often the easiest items to make. Plus, there are many combinations you can come up with. However, you may want to expand your horizons for more variety and different tastes. For your upcoming lunches, take a look at some new possibilities. You and your family will love them and look forward to lunchtime even more.


A lot of people think of quesadillas as being dinner food. While this is true, there’s nothing wrong with having them for lunch. In addition, you don’t need to serve quesadillas hot, so you can let them sit in a lunchbox for a few hours. You can pack them with Monterey jack, Colby, or cheddar cheese. Flour tortillas, 9 or 10 inches, are a good choice. You can also fill them with the meat of your choice and cooked beans, rice, or tofu. Be careful not to overfill the quesadillas. Moreover, you can spread oil over them before putting them on the skillet.

Spring Rolls

This might be a departure for your kids, but chances are good that they will love them. All you need are rice paper or large letter leaves. Secondly, fill them up with tofu, pork, or shrimp. Furthermore, knowing what to serve with the rolls is crucial and can enhance the meal. Your kids will like cubed meat or cheese, along with sliced bell peppers. For some sweetness, put some berries or chocolate in the lunch box with the rolls.

Cold Noodle Salads

Not all noodles need to be hot. For instance, there are lots of cold options that go great with some excellent sides. Soba noodles are ones you should consider. You can mix them with asparagus and add other veggies such as green onions and mushrooms. A few touches of brown sugar, ginger, and garlic will provide some nice seasoning. Cubed chicken, snap peas, and chocolate raisins are good side items for the salad.

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Breakfast Time

Whether or not you had breakfast in the morning, lunchtime is a good excuse for eggs, bacon, and other traditional breakfast foods. Firstly, you can make extras for breakfast, and your kids can eat them for lunch. Or, you can make them just for your lunchtime meal. Hard-boiled eggs are easy and can be stored for hours. Sausage can taste good cold as well. Strawberries and orange slices will be a good complement to your breakfast for lunch.

Make your next lunch something besides a bland sandwich. You can get creative with these lunchtime ideas and have some new favorites. Make some of these meals in the coming days. You and your family members will love and appreciate the change.

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