Fuel Up For The Day At Main Road Biscuit Company


They say breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Can you believe over 60% of Americans skip breakfast? If you are finding that you have less energy, even after two cups of coffee, you may need to start prioritizing breakfast. Good breakfast can be hard to find because everything in the grocery store these days is either frozen or processed. Although, if you are looking for a spot that serves homemade, made from scratch breakfast, Main Road Biscuit Company needs to be your next stop to fuel up for the day.

Why Biscuits?

Marissa Drago wanted to create the experience she had at this cute little café around the corner from her. Often, she would stop by for something light to eat. She tried to recreate the delicious cinnamon scones and buttermilk biscuits at home. After lots of trial and error and research, later she finally felt as if she had perfected her biscuit recipe. When having guests over, she began making batches for people to taste test before attempting to start a storefront. After receiving an overwhelming amount of positive feedback, she decided that was her cue to open Main Road Biscuit Company.


Though it all started with biscuits, Marissa Drago has expanded into many other breakfast foods! She now has everything from omelets, to French toast, breakfast sandwiches, and even a granola bowl. In addition to these popular menu items, she was sure to include all the fixings and sides. After all, who doesn’t like a good breakfast side with their first meal of the day? From Applewood smoked bacon, to toast, and house-made jams, Main Road Biscuit Company ensures that no matter what dietary restrictions you have, you don’t leave hungry.

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Made with Love and from Scratch

One thing that makes Main Road Biscuit Company unique from other breakfast joints is that everything is made from scratch. From the biscuits to sausage, and all the sides, Marissa Drago ensures her food quality is not compromised. She does this by making every menu item fresh each day. That homemade-with-love and baked-from-scratch taste is something you can’t get at a chain or most breakfast joints.

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