Rainy Day Activities For Kids Of All Ages

girl sitting under blanket and reading a book

We can expect some rainy days this spring, but the weather doesn’t have to spoil your family fun. Try out these indoor activities the next time you’re stuck inside.

Explore Indoors

The same old scenery can seem boring after being staying inside a while, so help your kinds make the most of their surroundings with some fun and games. Hide some “treasures” around the house, come up with some clever clues, and send the kids on a scavenger hunt. Hide and Seek is always fun, too, so take turns and think up some surprising hiding spots. If you have several kids who want to participate, expand the game to Sardines, where the seekers have to share a hiding space with whomever they find until they’re all in one spot.

Get Creative

Young imaginations know no bounds, and a rainy day inside can even bring out a child’s creativity. If you have some cardboard boxes stowed away, those can be turned into all kinds of props and vessels, from pirate ships to race cars, castles, and starships. If everyone wants something particularly cozy, arrange the furniture and drape some sheets overhead to create a blanket fort. This comfortable, covered space would be the perfect place to read a book or play a board game. Make-believe is always more fun with costumes, so raid the wardrobes to help the kids get into character. When the kids are ready to help in the kitchen, recruit them to help make dinner. Depending on what’s cooking, there might be some safe and interesting tasks that they can help with, like stirring a mix or decorating cupcakes.

Game Day and Movie Night

Any rainy day could also be a family game day, so break out the board games to pass the time. You could pick a few that go quickly like Trouble, or go long with a classic like Monopoly. There’s always Charades and Pictionary for those who love to perform, as well. When the sun sets, the time is right for a family movie night, so pop your popcorn, dim the lights, and put on something the whole family can enjoy.

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