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Learn About The Apple Rewards Program.  Happy expecting couple searching for the right family car in a showroom.

You already know that Honda makes quality cars designed with innovation in mind. Along with advanced technology, this automaker focuses on safety. But there’s another reason to choose a new or previously-owned Honda vehicle. It’s a special Rewards Program offered by Apple Honda in Riverhead, New York. Not only can you buy a superior vehicle at a competitive price, but you can also save money on top of that with this excellent Rewards Program. Learn about the Apple Rewards Program offered by Apple Honda.

Standing Apart From the Competition

Apple Honda stands out from its competition for all the right reasons. First, it maintains an impressive inventory of vehicles. Second, it provides outstanding service. Third, it makes this fantastic Rewards Program available to all members.

How to Save Money with the Apple Rewards Program

Even though Honda builds quality vehicles, it still keeps its prices competitive. That means you can drive an incredible car or SUV without spending a fortune. But thanks to a unique Rewards Program, you can save even more money.

When you buy a new or previously-owned vehicle from Apple Honda, you’ll automatically become a member.

As a member, you’ll have access to a range of exclusive rewards. You’ll save money in two different ways. These include buying a Honda car and taking your car or SUV to the service center for regular maintenance or repairs.

Overall, this Rewards Program will reduce what you spend by quite a bit of money. It also comes with special bonus rewards. As a result, you’ll earn twice the service rewards if you decide to buy a new Honda vehicle.

The Apple Rewards Program is an Additional Perk

If your vehicle is serviced or repaired at the dealership, 10 percent of every dollar spent will go toward the price of the next Honda car or SUV that you buy from Apple Honda. Thus, you could end up with as much as a $1,000 discount when buying your next car.

But there’s even more exciting news on this Rewards Program. By enrolling in the program after buying a vehicle, you’ll save 2.5 percent of every dollar spent on service. You can then use that money to lower the price of future services. Moreover, this discount applies when you buy parts or accessories.

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Making Car-Buying More Affordable

As mentioned, Honda works hard to keep the prices of its cars affordable. But with this Rewards Program, you can spend even less. Instead of dreaming about owning a new or previously-owned Honda, it can become a reality.

How do you take advantage of this incredible deal? It’s easy. Talk to a representative at Apple Honda in Riverhead, New York to learn more about this Apple Rewards Program and to ask any questions you may have about the program. This fantastic program will make the vehicle shopping experience enjoyable. In addition, you won’t dread having your car serviced or repaired.

With your vehicle Rewards account, it’s possible to save as much as $1,000 when buying a vehicle from Apple Honda.

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