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5 Silly And Harmless April Fools’ Pranks For The Kids

Kids playing an April fools' day prank
Kids are usually the ultimate jokesters, which makes April Fools' Day one of their favorites. They are always scheming pranks and thinking of ways to get us laughing and well, sometimes not laughing. As a parent, you are often seen as serious, and disciplinary, but who says you can't be... [read more]

5 Ways To Celebrate Earth Day With Your Kids

teenager cleaning up trash
Earth Day is right around the corner. You know this because your kids are starting to come home with those sweet Earth Day crafts they made at school, and they are starting to tell you what they've learned about planet Earth, the environment, and ecosystems during the school day. As... [read more]

Get Your Car Ready For Spring With These 5 Cleaning Tips

man washing car with microfiber cloth
As spring approaches, many of us begin to think about spring cleaning our homes. Organizing, starting fresh, and creating a more comfortable space to live in is just what your humble abode needs. What we don't think about is how much time we spend in our cars. Our cars are... [read more]

4 Recipes That Will Get You Excited For Spring

layered custard cake
As spring approaches, you are probably scrolling through the internet, trying to find some colorful and vibrant spring recipes to feed your family and friends. Maybe you are taking up the new hobby of cooking this season and you need a good starting point. All of these recipes are great... [read more]