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How To Plan For Your Next Family Road Trip

The whole family is driving for the weekend. Mom and Dad with their daughter and a Labrador dog are sitting in the car. Leisure, travel, tourism.
You want your family to enjoy any road trip, short or long. Use these helpful tips to plan your next family trip to accomplish that. That includes having your vehicle serviced. You can take your car to the service center at Apple Honda in Riverhead, New York, for assistance. Car Maintenance As... [read more]

Tips And Hacks For Your Spring Cleaning

Young woman dusting
While some people don’t mind spring cleaning at all, others try to avoid it as long as possible. However, spring is just around the corner, so it’s almost time for this annual task. Especially if you’re not fond of it, you’ll appreciate these helpful spring cleaning tips and hacks. Clean in... [read more]

Sign Up For The NFEC Earth Day 5K

Marathon runners.
As the weather warms up, you’ll probably look for things to do outside. The NFEC Earth Day 5K is a perfect example. For one thing, it offers physical activity. For another, it supports a good cause. Even if you’re not a hardcore athlete, you can participate in a local race. When... [read more]

Recipes To Try This Spring

Healthy vegan meal of soup in a brown rimmed white bowl - photographed from a high angle view in a rustic setting
With spring just around the corner, you’re probably looking for new dishes to make. After all, people don’t like eating the same foods repeatedly. Whether you cook for one or 10, here are some incredibly delicious recipes to try. Vegetable Pot Pie While this is a great spring recipe for vegetarians, it’s... [read more]