5 Silly And Harmless April Fools’ Pranks For The Kids

Kids playing an April fools' day prankKids are usually the ultimate jokesters, which makes April Fools’ Day one of their favorites. They are always scheming pranks and thinking of ways to get us laughing and well, sometimes not laughing. As a parent, you are often seen as serious, and disciplinary, but who says you can’t be seen as a fun parent? Your kids will appreciate your effort to prank them and it will create stories and memories that last a lifetime. Pranks can often go too far, but these five pranks are silly, harmless, and funny when executed correctly.

Jell-O Surprise 

Whip up a batch of Jell-O, and let it set in a clear drinking glass until it resembles the kids’ favorite flavor of juice. Stick a straw in the Jell-O and watch as your kids don’t get very far when trying to drink it.

Googly Eyes Everywhere

Get out some googly eyes and some glue. Put a set of eyes on everything you see in the fridge. This way, when your kids go to grab their favorite snack, everything they see has eyes. This prank is guaranteed to make your kids laugh and create a wonderful memory. 

Nope, Not Toothpaste

This prank can also be a tasty one. Your kid’s morning routine often consists of brushing their teeth. Place something other than toothpaste on their toothbrushes. As long as it resembles toothpaste, they will be in for a tasty surprise when they go to brush their teeth. Some good ideas are icing, cream cheese, or whip cream. 

Bedroom Switch Up

The night before April 1st, sneak into your kid’s bedroom while they are asleep and make some silly and fun changes that are noticeable. You can turn a chair upside down, put underwear on dolls, or switch around their drawers. Your kids will likely wake up to a silly surprise which will get their morning off to a good start. 

Frozen Fun 

When your kids are asleep the night before April 1st, make a bowl of their favorite cereal and freeze it with the spoon in it. When you go to serve it to them the next morning before school, the cereal will be hard as a rock and will have the kids cracking up. Although, it may be good to have a breakfast backup plan that morning since their cereal will be frozen. 

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Buggin’ Out 

This April Fools’ prank is a classic. Find yourself a bag of plastic bags. Freeze the bugs in the ice cubes so when your kids go to drink a drink, they will freak out seeing when they see the bugs in their drink. This is a harmless but funny prank for the whole family! 

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