5 Ways To Celebrate Earth Day With Your Kids

teenager cleaning up trashEarth Day is right around the corner. You know this because your kids are starting to come home with those sweet Earth Day crafts they made at school, and they are starting to tell you what they’ve learned about planet Earth, the environment, and ecosystems during the school day. As a parent, you don’t want to just sit by and ignore that they are passionate about Earth Day and are interested in what they are learning, but you want to make celebrating Earth Day fun in your home. Here are some fun ways to celebrate Earth Day with your kids!

Organize a Nature Scavenger Hunt 

Find a trail near you and plan a time to go for a hike. While you are on this hike, make a list of things that would be possible for your kids to find while on the hike. Examples would be pinecones, rocks, flowers, and more. Give your kids the goal of completing the scavenger hunt before heading back home. A bonus to planning this scavenger hunt is if you don’t want to use paper, try using a reusable whiteboard or a recyclable paper bag!

Grab Your Neighbors and Clean Up

Call your neighbors with kids, grab some trash bags, gloves, and something to hydrate with, and take a stroll around the neighborhood. While doing this, the kids can be collecting trash they see in the street, on the sidewalk, or in the grass. This will allow the kids to have fun with each other and will give you the opportunity to connect with your local community. If you want to make it interesting, make it a competition for the kids. Whoever collects the most trash wins and gets a treat. Depending on how many kids you have participating, you could even divide them up into teams. 

Put Those Rusty Bikes to Good Use

Chances are those bikes your kids wanted one Christmas or birthday so badly are hanging up or sitting in the garage collecting dust and rust. Earth Day is the perfect time for a bike ride with the family. Plan your route, ensure you have the proper safety equipment, and head out to enjoy the fresh air. If you have a local park, ice cream shop, or field nearby, you could bike ride there and enjoy a treat after biking. 

Plan a Family Picnic 

Earth Day is a day you want to spend outside admiring nature. A fun way to do this is a picnic. Find a good park or trail to picnic at and pack up and head out. Pack sandwiches, drinks, snacks, and even dessert. You can also pack a football or soccer ball and other games to bring a little competition to the picnic. 

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Get Out on the Water 

The water is one of the best places to observe nature. Find a way to kayak, take a boat ride, or even just a dock to sit on. Water activities can be a fun and creative way to get outdoors as well. Whether it’s the lake, ocean, creek, or river, there is more than likely something to do on the water. It is guaranteed to take your breath away as well.

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