Enjoy Dinner At Funcho’s

Young bearded man sitting outdoors and eating burrito in front of the fast food establishment

You might think Funcho’s in Riverhead, NY, is a hole in a wall, but it’s one of the town’s best-kept secrets. It has some of the tastiest Mexican food, huge portions, and prices that won’t stretch your budget. Get the details and make plans to head over for dinner.

Start With the Burritos

Funcho’s is popular due to its burritos and for a good reason. They’re massive, filling, and reasonably priced so that you can have a full meal for around $10 and up. All the burritos are delicious, but the Mad Dog stands out.

There’s only one problem with the Mad Dog. If you order it the first time you go to Funcho’s, you’ll probably never order anything but the Mad Dog again. It’s honestly that good. If you want to work up to the Mad Dog, you can start with the Del Mar. Be sure to get it with Mahi to enjoy the full flavor explosion.

Don’t Breeze Past the Quesadillas

People have noticed a big change at Funcho’s. The quesadillas are better than ever. Loaded with ingredients, these are far from standard quesadillas. The Shaka Q is a local favorite and so filling that you might end up taking half of it home with you.

Eat Your Way Through the Tacos

When it’s nice outside, you’ll see people sitting around outside Funcho’s, munching on tacos. The ingredient ratio on the tacos is out of this world. Each bite is full of flavorful ingredients, regardless of the tacos you order. The Funcho is a favorite, but some customers work their way down the taco menu, trying each one.

Bring the Kiddos

Are you worried about getting the kiddos on board to go to Funcho’s? No worries since it also has some food the little ones will love. Along with the kids’ menu, you can order sandwiches and pizza. When was the last time the kids turned you down for pizza?

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Come Early When It’s Nice Out

It’s still pretty chilly in Riverhead, so you won’t encounter many crowds when stopping for dinner. However, the crowds increase with the temperature, so make plans when it gets nice out. Also, consider stopping outside of prime dinner time to reduce the wait.

Are you getting hungry just thinking about Funcho’s? Give your stomach what it’s craving by stopping by for a meal today.

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