Honda’s Electric Vehicles Are Driving Innovation

red hybrid CR-V driving in the city

There was a time when the thought of driving an electric vehicle was a dream. But this is a reality today, thanks to the vision of Honda. This automaker aims to have a lineup of 30 electric vehicles by 2030. Moreover, the automaker hopes to have its entire lineup consist only of electric cars by 2040. Currently, there are a few options; but it’s easy to see the benefits and advantages of driving EV models.

Why Choose Electric Cars

There are both economic and environmental-friendly benefits to driving electric vehicles. This is because there are low emissions from these models. Without relying on fossil fuels, you’ll be able to cut down on emissions. Thus, you are helping to reduce the carbon footprint. Of course, don’t forget how much money you’ll save on not filling up at the pump. Furthermore, there won’t be as much engine maintenance to worry about. You’ll also love the rebates, incentives, and tax credits available with EVs.

Plus, you’ll notice a different feeling at the wheel of an electric vehicle. For example, there is instant torque at zero rpm, not to mention better acceleration. An EV is loaded with technology, including entertainment and navigation aids inside. Also, you can count on a quieter ride because you aren’t relying on a gasoline-based engine.

Charging, Not Filling

It’s no secret that gas prices are high right now. This can cause a lot of stress. A Honda electric vehicle eliminates the need to head to the pump. Instead, you charge your vehicle’s electric battery using an at-home charging station. When you’re out and about, it won’t be difficult to locate charging stations. The batteries can sustain a long-term charge that will take you many miles down the road. For instance, the batteries have high voltage and are long-lasting.

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What’s Available

Honda has a ways to go before it has an all-electric menu of vehicles. But the available models are exciting. The Honda Accord Hybrid is a good choice. This sedan has an impressive 212 horsepower and gorgeous 19-inch alloy wheels. The gorgeous, comfortable material will make you feel at ease. You will also be able to access your favorite media on Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.

The CR-V Hybrid can be yours if you want an electric SUV. It has 204 horsepower and four different driving modes. This reliable vehicle has plenty of interior space and storage areas. You can also pick from among several exterior colors. Moreover, it provides excellent safety features, such as collision and road-departure mitigation.

There is a lot of appeal to driving an electric or hybrid vehicle. The right place to shop for one is at Apple Honda in Riverhead, NY. Stop by the showroom today and talk to the sales team about getting into one of these exciting models.

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