Plan To Attend The Riverhead Country Fair On October 9th

A teenage girl spends time at the local county fair carnival, tasting fun foods and trying out an assortment of amusement park rides. She shows of a plate of funnel cakes.
Some activities and events are synonymous with American life. For example, attending a county fair is the perfect way to have fun and spend time with family, friends, and neighbors in the community. In Riverhead, NY, the Riverhead Country Fair is coming this fall. So mark your calendar for this... [read more]

Dress Up Dinner With These Easy DIY Fall Centerpieces

Shot of a table set up for a Thanksgiving celebration at home
Summer may be coming to an end, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t events to look forward to this fall. For instance, you may have some parties and get-togethers scheduled for the coming months. Furthermore, you may be looking for some ideas to decorate your house and celebrate the season.... [read more]

Tire Rotation: How Often Do You Need One?

Seasonal Wheels Replacement
Life can be demanding and busy. Anyone in Riverhead can agree that there are lots to do every day. Therefore, it can be easy to forget about things such as car maintenance. However, it’s crucial to pay close attention to the condition of your vehicle. After all, you need it... [read more]

Support Local Business At East End Food Market

local foods at the market
It’s always nice to discover great food at a new restaurant. It’s even better when that restaurant is a local business. Not only will you enjoy excellent food, but you can help a nearby business grow, which can benefit the local economy. One of the most effective ways to accomplish... [read more]

Four Alternatives To The Basic Sandwich Lunch

Spring roll filled with veggies and shrimp
Are you and your kids tired of the same old things for lunch? Sandwiches are often the easiest items to make. Plus, there are many combinations you can come up with. However, you may want to expand your horizons for more variety and different tastes. For your upcoming lunches, take... [read more]

Helpful Tips To Get Your Kid Ready For The School Year

mom saying goodbye to daughter before school
Kids are always thrilled about the start of summer vacation. But as the days pass, the new school year comes closer. Some kids anticipate school starting again. However, for others, there can be a lot of anxiety and stress. Parents, too, can struggle with the changes. For these reasons, kids... [read more]

4 Reasons Why You Should Have Your Car Detailed

Proffesional worker detailing a car
Driving through town with a gleaming paint job, dust-free dashboard, and clean carpets is a wonderful feeling. The car detailing industry is booming because of the undeniable pride you feel when your car, truck, or SUV looks sparkling and new. Car detailing service providers have so much success because their... [read more]

Visit Long Island Aquarium Before Summer Ends

School will be starting soon, so you know what that means. If there's anything left to cross off your bucket list, now is the time to do it. Long Island Aquarium is a great way to spend a day with the family. Check it out this weekend! Indoor Exhibits Inside the aquarium,... [read more]

Summertime Recipes For Pool Parties

Club sandwich and french fries on white plate near pool
When the weather warms up in Riverhead, NY, it’s prime time for a dip in the pool. And the only thing better than going for a swim is to have your good friends and family over for a get-together. Pool parties are a lot of fun, but all that swimming... [read more]

How To Make The Most Of Your Vacation

woman enjoying vacation
The summer is traditionally when many families plan and take their vacations. The purpose of taking a vacation is to reduce stress and spend quality time together. However, sometimes people find that a holiday ends up adding to their stress. They don’t get as much pleasure and relaxation as they... [read more]