Plan To Attend The Riverhead Country Fair On October 9th

A teenage girl spends time at the local county fair carnival, tasting fun foods and trying out an assortment of amusement park rides. She shows of a plate of funnel cakes.

Some activities and events are synonymous with American life. For example, attending a county fair is the perfect way to have fun and spend time with family, friends, and neighbors in the community. In Riverhead, NY, the Riverhead Country Fair is coming this fall. So mark your calendar for this wondrous occasion to enjoy exciting rides, play challenging games, and eat delicious food and snacks. Furthermore, you can do all of this against the backdrop of a gorgeous setting. The fair is coming soon.

The Important Details

Now is a good time to start planning to attend the Riverhead Country Fair. It is just for one day – Oct. 9 – and it’ll run from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. It will be held on Main Street in downtown Riverhead. You can call 631-727-1215 if you have any questions about the events and what you can do to secure a vendor spot.

The History

This year’s fair is the 46th of its kind in Riverhead. The fair aims to celebrate the agricultural heritage of the area. Volunteers run the fair. In addition, all proceeds go to the town, helping to beautify and bolster the area. If bad weather and cancellations occur, visitors will receive a refund.

Yummy Food

No fair is complete without a delicious sampling of food. For example, you can enjoy a wide array of filling dishes at the Riverhead Country Fair. It’s a great occasion to get lunch or enjoy a snack. Fresh fixings are available, grown locally by hard-working farmers. Furthermore, there’s something for every member of your family.

Festive Atmosphere

A fair is all about celebrating together. There will be music and games galore to help everyone get in a celebratory mood. As a small-town community, there is much to be proud of when it comes to Riverhead’s history and legacy.

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One of the hallmarks of the Riverhead Country Fair is the Farm/Home Competition. Thus, you can show off your agricultural, homemaking, and needlecraft skills. If you wish to participate in this portion of the fair, you must complete an entry form by Oct. 1. First-, second-, and third-place prizes will go to the top competitors. However, you can enter as many categories as you wish. The first-place winner will receive $10 and a blue ribbon. The second place gets a red ribbon, while the third receives a white one. Moreover, those who get honorable mention distinction will get a yellow ribbon.

If you live in or around Riverhead, NY, you don’t want to miss out on the Riverhead Country Fair. Plan today to attend this October so you can experience the fun and celebrations.

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