Support Local Business At East End Food Market

local foods at the market

local foods at the market

It’s always nice to discover great food at a new restaurant. It’s even better when that restaurant is a local business. Not only will you enjoy excellent food, but you can help a nearby business grow, which can benefit the local economy. One of the most effective ways to accomplish these goals is by supporting the East End Food Market. Now is a good time to plan your visit here. You can taste a variety of dishes from different places. You can also have a good time in your neighborhood.

When and Where to Go

You can make plans to come to the East End Food Market soon. It’s now open every Friday from 3 to 7 p.m. The market is at 139 Main Road in Riverhead. While you are here, you can check out a wide range of vendors. These are local owners and creators of delicious foods, wines, and crafts.

Matching Your Money

You’ll have some added benefits if you use Double Up Food Bucks. For instance, not only will the market vendors accept these bucks, but when you use them, they will match SNAP purchases of up to $20. Consequently, users will have up to $40 to spend on locally grown fruits, vegetables, herbs, and fruit-producing plants. SNAP customers can get Double Up Food Bucks for free. In addition, the dollars you earn from them will never expire. Moreover, you can sign up for your bucks at the market using your EBT card.

Supporting the Locals

You will help local growers, craftsmen, and business owners thrive when you come to the East End Food Market. There is no shortage of vendors to visit at the market. Businesses such as Aro Chili, Bayberry Bakers, Soul Creations, Sweet Melissa, Turmeric Store, Life is Grruff, Eggcellent Quiche, and Squared GF will be on hand.

Furthermore, pop-up vendors are also popular attractions at the East End Food Market. Make sure you visit them and enjoy their delicious food and quality products. These vendors include Chowderhead Soup, Nuna Knits, Vienna Cookie Company, Sweet Woodland Farm, Rosie’s Country Bake Shop, and more.

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More Reasons to Come

You’ll love the great food and crafts at the market. Plus, you can feel good knowing that you are helping local businesses grow. However, there are other reasons to put the market on your calendar. Firstly, you can enjoy being out in the community with your neighbors. Secondly, it’s a good atmosphere for socializing and meeting new friends. Additionally, the food is fresh and healthy.

If you are looking for a fun activity in the coming weeks, come to the East End Food Market. Stop by and pick up some nutritious fruits and vegetables.

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