Visit Long Island Aquarium

Visit Long Island Aquarium

Sharks, sea lions, and penguins, oh my! You will see that and so much more at the Long Island Aquarium in Riverhead, New York. The aquarium is open from ten in the morning to four in the afternoon on weekdays and ten in the morning to five in the evening on weekends. Get the details on the various exhibits and aquatic adventures, and head over for a fun-filled day with your children.

Adventures & Interactive Experiences

The Long Island Aquarium has a variety of Adventures and Interactive Experiences, and you will certainly want to try them all. Some of the highlights include the Bug Encounter, Painting with Penguins, and Sea Lion Show. However, the Shark Dive is the standout attraction.

Head to the Lost City of Atlantis Shark Exhibit. There, the staff will help you into your dive gear and put you in the cage. Then, down you will go into the 120,000-gallon exhibit with sharks as far as your eyes can see. And in case that is not cool enough, you will also go on a guided tour of the shark habitat.

Now, all the Adventures and Interactive Experiences cost extra, so keep that in mind when budgeting for the trip. Even with the additional cost, you will want to check them out.

The Outdoor Exhibits

The outdoor exhibits are also a big draw at the Long Island Aquarium, and it is easy to see why. You will come across a ton of aquatic cuties, including sea lions, penguins, and otters. Oh, and you can even watch some of the animals being trained and fed. If you cannot see everything, make the time to see a seal feeding and training session. These aquatic mammals are intelligent, adorable, and so much fun. Time flies by when you watch them in action.

There are also other exhibits showcasing animals who do not call the see home. You can see porcupines, owls, and lizards. Other animals you can spot in the outdoor exhibits are the coati and Japanese macaques.

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The Indoor Exhibits

You can take a break from the sun by hitting up the Long Island Aquarium’s indoor exhibits. Again, there are tons of wonderful options, ranging from the Critter Corner where there are a variety of snakes to the Amazon Rainforest. However, the Coral Reef exhibit takes the aquatic cake. The 20,000-gallon exhibit represents a complete natural reef ecosystem, down to the marine life. It is fun to hang out at the exhibit, watching the fish do their part to maintain the ecosystem. While you can see a video on the aquarium’s website, it does not do the exhibit justice. This is something you need to see in person to truly appreciate.

This is a snapshot of what you will see when visiting the Long Island Aquarium. With so much to do, plan to spend the entire day there with your family. And even if you do, you will find yourself going back for more over and over again.


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