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Summertime Recipes For Pool Parties

Club sandwich and french fries on white plate near pool
When the weather warms up in Riverhead, NY, it’s prime time for a dip in the pool. And the only thing better than going for a swim is to have your good friends and family over for a get-together. Pool parties are a lot of fun, but all that swimming... [read more]

How To Make The Most Of Your Vacation

woman enjoying vacation
The summer is traditionally when many families plan and take their vacations. The purpose of taking a vacation is to reduce stress and spend quality time together. However, sometimes people find that a holiday ends up adding to their stress. They don’t get as much pleasure and relaxation as they... [read more]

Drive The Best: Honda Civic 2022

2022 Honda Civic
The Honda Civic has returned to a familiar spot at the top of the Kelley Blue Book Compact Car Best Buy of 2022. This award simply confirms what longtime Honda loyalists already knew — the Civic consistently offers quality and an unparalleled driving experience. What makes the 2022 Honda Civic... [read more]

Stay Cool At One Of These Ice Cream Shops

Woman and man hand holding white vanilla caramel ice cream
Summer brings hot weather and sweaty days. And sometimes, the best way to cool off is to grab some delicious and cool ice cream. Fortunately, Riverhead, NY, is home to several fantastic ice cream shops that are sure to make your summer better. Star Confectionery, Ralph’s Famous Italian Ices, and... [read more]