Get Your Car Ready For Spring With These 5 Cleaning Tips

man washing car with microfiber clothAs spring approaches, many of us begin to think about spring cleaning our homes. Organizing, starting fresh, and creating a more comfortable space to live in is just what your humble abode needs. What we don’t think about is how much time we spend in our cars. Our cars are like a second home for a lot of us, and they tend to get dirty. So why not “spring clean” your car too? These five tips will make it easy. 

Brush and Vacuum Interior 

You’ll want to take an old toothbrush or any brush that can reach in small places and brush all of the debris off your dashboard and air vents. After doing that, go over your interior with a vacuum. 

Clean those Matts or Carpets

Take a stiff brush, some water, and soap to scrub the carpet and get all of the dirt, debris, spills, and stains out. Using a handheld spot cleaning machine can be helpful too. On the other hand, if you want to cut down the scrubbing time and effort, try using a drill brush.

Get Those Tires Squeaky Clean

Though your tires are on the outside, it can be hard for you to notice them because you are inside the car most of the time. Although, people on the street see those tires. To add a little extra curb appeal, use a product without harsh chemicals and a stiff brush to clean and scrub those rims.  

Hand Wash Exterior 

This method takes way more work and effort than just going through the car wash. Although, it is also the best way to leave your exterior shining. Hand washing also prevents damage to the car’s paint job.

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Microfiber Towels are Your Friend

Drying is a key component to what your wash job will end up looking like. Using the wrong material can leave things streaky with watermarks and defeat the entire purpose of washing your car, to begin with. Pick up some microfiber towels and use those to dry the outside of your vehicle. 

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