Halloween Safety Tips You May Not Have Thought Of

A full-length front view of a father and his young daughter who is wearing a spooky Halloween costume with a veil in her curly Afro hair. She is also carrying a green bucket for all of the sweet treats she gets whilst out trick-or-treating in the local area

In today’s world, you can never be too careful. Even during certain holidays, keep yourself and your children safe. While you might not have heard of these Halloween safety tips, they’re incredibly helpful.

Halloween Safety Tips for Parents

Especially for parents of younger children, these tips will keep them safe without compromising their fun.

  • No Masks – There are two reasons to avoid letting kids wear masks at Halloween. First, they limit visibility. A child could walk into the street without seeing an oncoming vehicle. Second, some masks contain harmful toxins. A good alternative is to use hypoallergenic face paint.
  • Reflective Tape – Regardless of the costume your child wears, put strips of reflective tape on both the front and back. That way, drivers will easily see them in the dark.
  • Light Colors – Dark Halloween costumes make things a little spookier, but they also put kids at risk. To ensure drivers can see your son or daughter, select costumes in lighter colored fabric so your child is more visible.
  • Weather Appropriate – In some parts of the country, temperatures on Halloween night get cold. So, always dress your child appropriately.
  • Proper Fit – Ill-fitting costumes can cause children to fall. Make sure the hems are at the right length, that capes don’t drag on the ground, and that their shoes fit.
  • Avoid Criss-Crossing – Rather than crisscrossing the street while going to houses, finish one side of a street before going down the other.
  • Candles – Use a battery-powered candle to help light the way. This applies to the older trick-or-treaters, as well.
  • Check the Candy – Kids naturally want to eat treats the minute they get them. However, teach your child the importance of you checking it first. Not only can hard candy cause choking, but sadly, some evil people tamper with candy.
  • Take the Makeup Off – If you used face paint on any part of your child’s body, wash it off before they go to bed. Even if it’s hypoallergenic, leaving it on all night could irritate their skin.

Halloween Safety Tips for Older Kids

For older kids who don’t trick or trick with their parents, here are some helpful safety tips.

  • Travel in a Group – Insist that your child go trick or treating with a minimum of three trusted friends. Also, they should always stick together.
  • Determine a Route – Instead of going door-to-door randomly, outline a route for your child to follow. That way, if you become worried for any reason, you can easily find them.
  • Follow the Right Path – Trick or treaters should always stay on sidewalks. If there aren’t any, they need to walk on the side of the road facing traffic.
  • Give Them the Right Supplies – Along with something to put the candy in, provide your child with a cell phone and flashlight.
  • Choose Houses Wisely – If a house isn’t well-lit, move on.
  • Time to Come Home – It’s easy to lose track of time when having fun but set a strict curfew.

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Alternatives for Trick and Treating

Whether you drive or walk, if you don’t feel comfortable with the traditional way to trick or treat, consider these alternatives. A lot of organizations and churches have “trunk and treat” events. They’re just as fun, and your kids will come home with many goodies. You could also host a Halloween party along with several other parents.

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