Reasons Why You Should Stop Warming Up Your Car

It’s a common habit during the wintertime and other cold times of the year in Riverhead, NY: starting your car and letting it run in the driveway for a few minutes. No one wants to get into a cold vehicle. So, instead of shivering on the way to work or wherever you need to go, you may let your car idle before you leave. This may seem like a good idea; however, it can have adverse effects. It is important to see why you should avoid this common practice.

Why People Do it

It’s normal to want to feel comfortable behind the wheel. The wrong temperature in the car can make for a miserable ride. For this reason, people often start their cars five or 10 minutes before taking off. By the time the driver gets behind the wheel, the car should feel warmer. This includes the steering wheel, dash, and seats. Furthermore, some people are impatient and do not want to wait for the heater to kick on and heat up the interior of the vehicle.

Heaters Can Work Quickly

Back in the days when carburetors were the fuel-delivery method in vehicles, it could take several minutes for a vehicle to warm up after starting it. This isn’t the case with modern fuel-injection systems. In addition, heating systems in cars today are efficient and effective. From the time you turn on your car and crank up the heat, it should only take a minute or two for the inside of your vehicle to be at the ideal temperature. If this isn’t happening, you should have a technician inspect the heater.

Problems This Causes the Engine

Modern engines and idling to warm up don’t mix. What will happen is that extra fuel will pump into the combustion chamber. This can get onto the cylinder walls of the car. As a result, the vehicle’s oil can start to dissolve. This is a critical problem because oil lubricates the engine and its components, helping it to operate efficiently. A lack of oil can lead to sputtering and breakdowns. Before long, you will need to repair the engine or even replace it.

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Issues Beyond the Engine

Outside of the mechanical difficulties warming up your car can cause, there are other concerns. Keeping your car running in your driveway can put the vehicle at risk of falling into the wrong hands. A running, unattended car can be an invitation for thieves to steal. You should never leave your car running if you are away from it.

Despite what you have heard, warming up your car is a bad idea. If you have questions about your vehicle’s engine or heater, talk to the team at Apple Honda! Stop by today for service or to address any problems your car has.

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